Initiative Members

UMindfulness is a joint collaboration of the College of Arts and Sciences and School of Law, the Miller School of Medicine, Mailman Center for Child Development, Sylvestor Comprehensive Cancer Center, School of Nursing and Health Sciences, Herbert Wellness Center, Counseling Center, and the Frost School of Music.

The University of Miami is home to a group of mindfulness practitioners, teachers, and researchers who individually and collectively offer a variety of mindfulness offerings throughout the year.

Todd Ambroisa, School of Nursing and Health Studies (Web Page)
Debra Annane, Miller School of Medicine
Rochelle Baer, Mailman Center for Child Development (Web Page)
Timothy Conner, Frost School of Music
Alan Delamater, Mailman Center for Child Development (Web Page)
Amishi Jha, College of Liberal Arts and Science, (Website)
Carol Kaminski, Frost School of Music (Web Page)
Diana Katchan, Miller School of Medicine
David Lee, Miller School of Medicine
Teresa Lesiuk, Frost School of Music
Helen Masin, Department of Physical Therapy (Web Page)
Hilit Mechaber, Miller School of Medicine (Web Page)
Ashwin Mehta, Sylvestor Comprehensive Cancer Center (Web Page)
Scott Rogers, School of Law (Website)
Maria Shojaee, Nursing School
Tammy Sifre, Counseling Center
Jose Szapocznik, Miller School of Medicine (Web Page)
Trae Williamson, School of Business Administration

If you are a member of the University of Miami community are have an interest in mindfulness, please contact Scott Rogers to discuss your interest in joining the initiative.